Battery Replacement

Is your laptop's battery not holding the amount of power it used to? Perhaps there is no life at all. Whether you have a MacBook Pro or Air, regular Windows laptop or an ultra book, we offer a fit and replace for almost ALL types of laptops, notebooks and ultrabooks.

Screen Repairs

We offer a screen repair service for laptops that have a broken, cracked or blank screen. A new screen can often be fitted within 1-2 days. We replace rear LCD housings, bezels and hinges. We also repair hinge mountings of loose screen hinges.

Keyboard Repair & Replacement

We offer a full range of replacement keyboards for Windows and Apple laptops. All keyboards are of the highest quality and carry a 1 year guarantee. We do fitments in our own workshop, so no unnecessary weeks of waiting for your laptop to be returned.

Software Upgrades and Repairs

Why replace your laptop when you can upgrade? It makes sense to upgrade your existing laptop at a lower cost than a full replacement. We will replace your hard drive with a Solid State Drive. This gives a huge performance boost and also provides a brand new operating system to work with.

Charger / DC Jack Repair

If your computer doesn't have a working Charger/ DC jack then you won't be able to charge it.