During these uncertain times the last thing you want to worry about is your technology.

Our purpose is to help individuals, businesses, schools, and other organisations become more flexible by incorporating effective work-at-home solutions and trouble-shooting into their operations and tasks.

As a certified hardware support provider for essential services, our collaborative remote support solutions are in place to keep your business running with employees working from home.

During this global health crisis, as a business we are acting responsibly by practicing social distancing and offering our remote service to our clients

Call: 0114404000

W/App: 0726503627

Email: info@pcsrus.co.za

Online tech and software support

We offer our service using free remote software, whatsapp, zoom or just a call

The services we can help with

  • Setup or troubleshooting of email on computer, tablet or phone
  • Setup or troubleshooting of printers
  • Assistance with most software requirements or issues - Office solution, anti virus and other common 3rd party software packages
  • Sales, installing, updating of Microsoft Office or free alternatives
  • Advise, setup and implementation of stand-alone cloud solutions - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive
  • Operating system updates, troubleshooting and advice
  • Proficient in both Windows and Apple systems
  • Advice and assistance with domain registration and configuration
  • Email and website setup for SME's and individuals